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Sawoff Shotgun - grrrlband made out of the three glorious sawoff sisters
finest trashpop meets messy pig rock - just enjoy :)


Mr.Dero & Klumzytung - klumzy tung, mr.dero and dr.pheel meet to
rock the clubs around the world!


air rapide - a groove duo made from didgeridoo and drums - together with mario aka rhythman we
play an organic clubsound somewhere between techno and drum'n'bass - no samples or
electronics added


MONK - good music, good friends! though monk's members priority momentarily lies in pulling
the trigger of the shotgun, we will for sure return with more sooner or later...


Monica Reyes - viennese chansonette with a good pinch of humor - glad to be part of the band


SAEDI - Tania Saedi, a great singer who writes her own songs (not to call her singer-songwriter)
I have the pleasure of playing the drums in her live show!